Halfblock: Open-Source Clone of Minecraft Done in HTML5


Mon, Nov 5th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Halfblock is Minecraft-a-like, entirely done in HTML5 and completely open source.

It's mostly been developed/tested on Google Chrome, and an up-to-date version of Chrome is probably required to run it. Firefox might work also though there will probably be rot at any given time.

The goals of the project are to better understand the above APIs, to try ways of implementing various game features, be they copied or original, and to make something kind of cool. Minecraft is a great sandbox, but a Minecraft-like codebase is a sandbox sandbox. So each grain of sand is now a sandbox; you get me?

As it stands, the game is little more than a poor clone of Minecraft; nevertheless, it is a non-goal to duplicate Minecraft. I've implemented many features lifted from Minecraft for the sake of doing them myself.

It is an anti-goal to look at Minecraft's source code; rather I've based my implementations on behavior observed in-game, and general research on the web. See REFERENCES for links that have helped.

It isn't necessarily a goal to create something fun to play. This is more of a research and practice project than a game. If something fun (that isn't Minecraft) evolves from what I've done so far, so much the better.engaging and pedagogically rich experience.



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