Getting Away May Be Hard to Do: the Virtual Offices of 2025


Wed, Sep 26th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to academics from various universities, the office of 2025 will be entirely virtual thanks in part to technologies that will allow us to "conjure workspaces out of thin air by using interactive surfaces." Thrilling if commuting to and from work is a disaster -- and while the system claims it will have an off switch -- I'm not too thrilled about being available at the touch of a button.

Over time, ubiquitous computing through networked chips embedded into everything around us means that the mobile phone, and eventually goggles and active contact lenses, will be the gateway to virtual work spaces and collaborative projects. One blink and we can be transported right into the heart of our "offices".

No need to even worry about bringing your own device if that just means bringing yourself - and if there's no physical office to go to anyway.

The blending of devices for work and for personal use will be taken to the nth degree.

As the range and capacity of what is achievable on these devices increases, it'll lead to massive collaborations.

Because of greater connectivity and hugely dispersed workforces, we'll mimic the organised chaos of a bee or ant colony.



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