Canada to Share Embassies With "Its Former Colonial Master"


Tue, Sep 25th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In a cost-cutting scheme, the United Kingdom and Canada will be sharing embassies. Not everyone in Canada was amused:

In other words, Canada has maintained a consular tie to one of its former colonial masters (no such arrangement exists with France) since 1931, when the Statute of Westminster first allowed Canada to have its own embassies.

So the announcement by British foreign minister William Hague on Sunday that Canada and Britain will be sharing diplomatic resources in places where one of the two countries doesn't have an embassy or a consulate is either, depending on your perspective, a minor amplification of an already-existing relationship, or an embarrassing return to a humiliating colonial role that Canada spent decades struggling to escape.

Across the pond, the Brits decided to get to know us a little better, providing six quirky interesting facts about Canada even Canadians may not know about:

Canada's gift of technological and mechanical innovations to the world include the snowmobile, the manure-spreader, light bulb, walkie-talkie, foghorn, the Java programming language, instant potato flakes, the pacemaker, and the Wonderbra.



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