One-Handed Condom Wrapper


Fri, Sep 7th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

I don't know what situation would require you to be able to open a condom's wrap and install the thing all with one hand -- unless you're having sex while hanging off the undercarriage of a 747 over the Atlantic with the other. Yet, Ben Pawle's The One Handed Condom Wrapper would make you look like General Badass as you single-handedly get ready for some action. Now if we could only get that same ease with bra removal.

Taking aim at the impractical impenetrability of contemporary condom packaging, Ben's foil wrapper redesign imagines the contraceptive being applied with the use of a single hand -- opened, quite literally, with a click of the fingers.

Interestingly, Ben's concept was not the result of a sudden flash of designerly inspiration, nor was there (we are sure he would be keen to add) any Eureka moment following awkward personal experiences. The easy open condom wrapper was, in fact, one outcome of a lengthy user research project at the Glasgow School of Art, exploring the difficulties faced by semi-parlysed hemiplegics and is, perhaps, an archetypal example of how insights gleaned from the experiences of 'extreme users' can inform innovation for the mass market.



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