Stone Spray Project: Robot That Sprays Soil to Build Architectural Structures.


Wed, Aug 8th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Architects Petr Novikov, Inder Shergill and Anna Kulik created the Stone Spray Project, a robot that uses soil as the main building material and a liquid binder to solidify the soil granules. Then it sprays this concotion of soil and binder for "for constructing architectural shapes."

A research project Stone Spray done by Anna Kulik, Inder Shergill and Petr Novikov under the supervision of Marta Male-Alemany, Jordi Portell and Miquel Lloveras in the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in the year 2012.
The goal of the project was to research the field of additive manufacturing in architecture and to propose a new eco-friendly, efficient and interesting system to print architecture in 3d.
As a result a robot and series of samples were created. Also a book describing the project was published.
The group would like to additionally thank Santiago Martin, Guillem Comprodon and Luis Fraguada for their help in this project.



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