The Knight's Armour Hoodie


Sat, Jun 23rd, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

The KNSTRCT website brings to attention the Knight's Armour Hoodie, a dark grey jacket created by London-based Chadwick Dillon that will make you look like a knight ready to save a damsel in distress -- or failing that, be the total envy of your posse at your next Dungeon & Dragons game.

You have the option of going "helmet" free, but when the safety of the people are at risk (or the wind kicks up), the jacket offers full head protection with a strong hood and and full face cover. Before you go asking us where to get your Dragon slayer like jacket, you should know that they are not available to buy just yet, but will be starting mid-summer on Dillon's Etsy Shop.



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