I Wish I Had Said Hello: Missed Connections in Manhattan


Thu, May 31st, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

I Wish I Had Said Hello takes missed connections stories from Craigslist and turns them into street art by placing physical stickers in the area where they happened. The masterminds of this project are Lisa Park and Adria Navarro.

I Wish I Said Hello attempts to bring missed connection stories back to the public space in the form of street art.

Our goal is not to be another platform for reconnection, rather than a celebration of everyday poetics, a physical mapping of a digital network, a commentary on the role of technology in human communication.

We try to encapsulate specific encounters into stickers. We combine parts of the original text with graphical elements that resonate with it. We use a common, universal style derived from public signage, as well as shapes and colors that imply the digital origin of the story. Once the illustrations are created, we place them at the exact location where that missed connection happened and we document it on the website.

Currently, a series of stickers are installed in different areas of Manhattan, but our goal is to provide a method that's simple enough for collaborators to join and spread the movement through other cities.



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