Roman Tyc's Traffic Lights


Fri, Apr 27th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

From what I gathered through the Google translation of Roman Tyc's website, the Czech artist changed traffic lights around Prague -- all which are doing random things like drinking, urinating or walking a dog -- in order to protest the corrupt political system in which he is living in.

What I do not understand is the trust that runs on the road, on which day I meet with an incredible number of people who know, who know their cars that would have made the weight of my car scrap heap. Patiently waiting at traffic lights, before we fall green, we prefer when someone goes to the principal, even embarking on one another, if we perceive as a possible solution to the situation. How is it that I fear that another car crushes me that my other car reckless driving causes an accident that can result in crippling or even my death? I know why this is so, because I know that in those other cars, people, I do believe in man, and not in his car or in the transport system. The transport system was created so that helped us is here for us, not us for him. Traffic law even allows for situations where it is necessary to break this system, especially in situations where a person can consciously driving offense to prevent an accident or other misfortune. Is the traffic police the reason why traffic The system works? I do not think so. At a time when the traffic policeman powerful symbol of corruption, it is rather by the presence of contrary causes fear and insecurity.



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