The Hangover Prevention Patch


Fri, Apr 13th, 2012 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

GOOD's Lifestyle Editor Amanda Hess decided to try out an anti-hangover patch that promised to "replenish the necessary levels of vitamins and nutrients your body loses when consuming mass quantities of alcohol." She decides to speak with Dr. Grossman, the mastermind behind this product, to see what he had to say:

On the phone, Grossman tells me that he agreed to come on as an "adviser" and "co-developer" of the product partially due to his medical appreciation of vitamins, which he says help shepherd his breast augmentation patients through their recovery period. For those not recovering from surgery, a constant stream of vitamins could help us consume alcohol without feeling bad later. "We didn't do any real testing to the product," Grossman tells me. But anecdotal reviews from partiers and Grossman himself have been positive. "I'm certain that you will enjoy them," he says. "They really work amazingly well."

How well? "I would not recommend anybody that they drink a lot, that's number one," Grossman says. "I don't know what your limits are, but I'm betting people could drink probably twice the normal amount and still not have a hangover," he continues. "Know your limits," he instructs me. Then, "bend them a little bit. Do it in a safe way."

Well, did it work? From reading the diary of the next day, it sounds like everyone involved had way too much fun -- and the worse hangover of their entire life.



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