Map of the Dead: Be Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse


Thu, Apr 12th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Chicago-based creative agency Doejo has created an interactive Map of the Dead that shows where gun shops, grocery stores, doctors, and "all the other kinds of places you'd want to loot visit when the crap hits the fan."

From the article on Woot:

But you know, take away the zombie coat of paint and this isn't a bad idea at all. Sure, the undead aren't likely to rise up and devour us all, but actual disasters, the kind where you need stuff like doctors and survival gear and food and, maybe I guess in extreme situations, guns. One thing I don't understand is the "Danger Zones" overlay. I assumed it was based on population density or something, where more heavily-populated areas would be more dangerous in the event of an infectious zombie outbreak, but then I saw Alaska.



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