Police Arrest Woman Who Was Wrongly Identified Through Facebook


Wed, Apr 4th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Despite not being at the scene of the crime -- and having witnesses to back up her claim -- Lizz Aston was arrested and accused of assault when the victim identified her as the assailant after seeing Aston's photo on Facebook. And it gets better:

An hour later she was released on the condition that she sign an agreement saying that she would not go near the Piston, drink alcohol, or come in contact with her accuser until the case was resolved. Aston had no idea how to abide by the latter part of the agreement, because she had never met the woman police said she assaulted and didn't know what she looked like.

Aston doesn't believe her arresting officer was ever convinced of her guilt. As the [officer] processed her, Aston says the policewoman joked that "This will be a great story to tell your friends."

This "great story" ended up costing Aston $3,000 in legal fees.



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