No Matter What You Think of Apple, the iPad is Changing Our World


Thu, Mar 8th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Not only does the new iPad come with “high quality cameras and GPS and cellular network connectivity which have yet to appear on mainstream PCs” but it is also smaller, costs less and “has a larger selection of available software titles at prices a fraction of its elder cousin.” And if that wasn't enough, the recently unveiled iPad has the same speed and data storage — with twice the battery life — of a four-year old MacBook Air.

To the average netizen, those stats are useless. What's important, argues Peter Nowak of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is that the iPad is the de facto standard of the future of computing and has been quietly but steadily changing how we do things.

At first, no one really knew what the iPad was going to do.

It was expected — largely wrongly — that it would revitalize the publishing business, since it was the perfect device on which to read digital magazines, newspapers and books.

While such applications have indeed done well, tablets have obviously touched a much wider audience, as evidenced by the tens of millions sold by Apple and its competitors so far.

Millions of people are using tablets to simply surf the web while watching television, which is easier than reaching for and turning on the computer (then waiting those endless 30 seconds or so while it comes to life).

But, more importantly, tablets are being used to do such important tasks as replacing flight manuals on commercial airplanes.

They are being employed by photographers and artists as portable portfolios; incorporated into schools as learning tools; and making possible new medical treatment software, among many other applications.

And yes, people are playing a lot of video games on them too.

With the exception of that last activity, these were all things that used to be done either on computers, or not digitally.



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