The Amish Project: a 90 Day Vacation from Technology


Wed, Feb 8th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

In this mini-documentary titled The Amish Project, Jake Reilly documents his experience from taking a 90-day vacation from mobile phones, the Internet, email and any other modern form of communication.

From the piece on Viral Viral Videos:

Today?s generation is the most connected in human history. The downside of that is everyone is always checking their phone or laptop instead of actually connecting in reality anymore.
Cpsandsharpieforever looked around his apartment with his friends and realized he didn?t want to be chained to Facebook anymore. He deactivated his online accounts, threw away his phone, and entered reality.

For 90 days he wrote letters instead of typing emails, he walked through nature instead of surfing the web, and he connected with people, not just their profile. Ironically, to spread his message and experience, he is using the very Internet mediums he abstained from.



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