Cacophony: Art Installation Depicts the Possible Problems of the Flow of Information


Fri, Jan 13th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

What caught my attention about this project by NOMAD was the multiple portable cassette player playing a single piece of magnetic tape. The idea behind it is simple but quite effective: to display the problems with "human misaudition, the lapse of information and the social problems which derive from these."

After turning on the walkman the tape starts to move. Each walkman plays the sound, which is on the tape, in a different point. However, the sound is the same the constants are chaotic. The reading points are not the same distance from each other. Some walkmans are louder while others are quieter so the consonants are not homogeneous. If you bend closer to the walkmans you can easily notice where they are in the course of replay.



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