The Underwater Driving Fire Truck


Wed, Jan 4th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Okay, I obviously don't know enough about vehicles, but I thought for sure that if you drove anything in water deeper than a standing human being, the vehicle would have for sure stalled.

Well, apparently not when it comes to Isuzu trucks in the hands of the the Eltham Fire Department as it drives through flood waters deep enough to almost disappear last Christmas.

From the article on the The Herald Sun:

The CFA has stood down a member from driving and not ruled out punishing the four-man crew after the footage raised questions about the authority's safety procedures.

The video, shot by a bystander, shows a Research CFA crew ignoring the State Emergency Service's advice not to drive through floodwaters.

The vehicle motors through an Eltham street before slowly disappearing beneath the murky waters, with bystanders crying out in amazement.

Two firefighters then appear at the back of the vehicle, while the cabin is flooded with at least two firefighters inside.



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