Vive la tweet! A Map of Twitter's Languages


Wed, Dec 7th, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

Website Hypenotice has maps of the languages used by Twitter users. The language detection was extracted from Google's Chrome Browser by Mike McCandless and applied to Twitter by Eric Fischer. The results are quite stunning.

What does this map tell us? First of all, like those world-at-night maps, it shows us where all the people are -- at least those tweeting. Western Europe is lit up like a christmas tree -- with the Netherlands glowing especially bright. Eastern Europe: not so much. Russia is a spider's web of large cities connected through the darkness of the vast, empty countryside. In East Asia, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia stand out. India is much darker -- but maybe that's because English, no longer majoritary but still dominant, is rendered in subdued grey.

As the North American maps show, Canada stands out thanks to its pockets of French speakers, all "huddling around the St Lawrence."



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