Dwolla: Online Payments Using Cash Could Mean End of Credit Cards


Wed, Nov 16th, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

Founded by Ben Milne, Dwolla could mean the end of credit cards for online payments. The idea is to simply link your bank account to your Dwolla account and make your payments directly in cash. Best of all, Dwolla only takes 25 cents for each transaction regardless of the amount being processed.

From the article on Business Insider by Alyson Shontell:

Ben Milne: Ultimately we're trying to build the next Visa, not the next PayPal. We're building a human network based on how we think the future of payments will work. The current model needs to be blown up.

Dwolla started out of my old company. I owned a speaker manufacturing company and we sold everything directly through a website. I got really obsessed with interchange fees and how not to pay them. Every time a merchant gets paid with a credit card they have to give up a percentage. In my case, I was losing $55,000 a year to credit card companies. I felt like they were stealing from me -- I was getting paid and somebody was taking money out of my pocket.

So I thought, how do I get paid through a website without paying credit card fees? We pitched a bank, and amazingly enough they said, "We'll give it a shot."

That was three years ago, so we've been working on the project for a really long time. In December of last year we figured out how to legally do what we do.



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