I Lack Creativity, 2011; sharpie on drywall: 35 x 48 cm


Fri, Oct 14th, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

As The Daily What so profoundly explains:

Bathroom Graffiti Critique of the Day: A random tag in the bathroom of an art co-op elicits precisely the sort of response you'd expect.

The museum-style card offers the following description of the "artwork" in question:

I Lack Creativity, 2011
sharpie on drywall: 35 x 48 cm

In an attempt to abandon aesthetics, I lack Creativity by Anonymous showcases an antiquated hieroglyph that has remained unchanged since the late 70s. Here Anon makes a fascinating plea to the retard human evolution and remind us what it may have been like to use a public restroom in 1963.



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