Alaa Wardi's Song Made Entirely Out of Body Sounds


Tue, Sep 13th, 2011 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Watch Alaa Wardi use sounds and body parts to create Shalamonti Fel7al, a beautiful song that he calls "complete gibberish."

A dance song made by voice, mouth, and body only, of course all sounds were edited, dabbled, and processed by the computer to reach their best quality.

The lyrics in this song are gibberish, they're in Arabic but they don't make any sense, and the idea behind that is:

- The song didn't feel like it needed to talk about anything, and I didn't want to limit it to a specific idea, so I left it open for you to imagine.

- With most of the songs I've listened to throughout my life, I rarely focused on the lyrics, some of my favorite songs that I've listened to a thousand times, I really don't know what they're about, I just make up words to sing along!! So to me personally, I don't always care what the song is about as long as it's good.

- Most of the commercial music we listen to on TV and radio nowadays, are presenting the same subjects, and because of this repetition, I feel that people are automatically ignoring the lyrics!.... if it's a dance song (heshek beshek) they'll dance with it, and if it's a slow one, they enjoy its moments, whether it's about love or betrayal, as long as it's in a language they know!!

- There are plenty of examples for songs that became popular while their meanings remained unknown, for example, the hit song from Cheb Khaled's concert "Abdelkader", we all know it by heart and I never really cared what it was about!!......3abdel qader ya hebo3lm sede rofa3alya!! :P



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