Search Antropologist Stunned Most People Don't Know How to Use CTRL-F


Thu, Aug 25th, 2011 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Fascinating article by Alexis Madrigal who is downright stunned that, reportedly, 90 percent of people don't know how to use CTRL-F. That's right: think of that next time you feel you're not computer-savvy enough.

This week, I talked with Dan Russell, a search anthropologist at Google, about the time he spends with random people studying how they search for stuff. One statistic blew my mind. 90 percent of people in their studies don't know how to use CTRL/Command + F to find a word in a document or web page! I probably use that trick 20 times per day and yet the vast majority of people don't use it at all.

"90 percent of the US Internet population does not know that. This is on a sample size of thousands," Russell said. "I do these field studies and I can't tell you how many hours I've sat in somebody's house as they've read through a long document trying to find the result they're looking for. At the end I'll say to them, 'Let me show one little trick here,' and very often people will say, 'I can't believe I've been wasting my life!'"

A search antropologist, huh? That's a cool title.



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