Twitter Avatar Portraits


Tue, Aug 9th, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Web developer Kent Brewster has created this really cool HTML5 Canvas script that creates a painted-like portrait based on your Twitter avatar.

From the blog entry:

We're calling the Twitter API from Yahoo! Query Language, receiving an image URL for your avatar, converting it to a data:uri, and returning its base64-encoded value as JSON with a callback.

Then we create an image on the client, load it with the data YQL gave us, and stretch it to fit our (comparatively very large) canvas tag.

Since we've created the image locally, the usual canvas security restrictions don't apply and we're free to sample pixels. We do this, collecting color values and positions, and then we start drawing circles with random sizes and tiny random offsets from where each color sample was taken.

We let this run for about 20 seconds; this is long enough to develop most of what you're going to get, while leaving some of the interesting batik/pastel texture intact.



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