Nu Penny: The Toy Store That's Never Open


Tue, Jul 26th, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Artist Randy Regier has created the most unusual travelling art installations. As he explains on his website:

NuPenny exists as a traveling art installation under the guise of an inaccessible toy store. On the surface, and viewed as a retail establishment or typical sales model, NuPenny seems fundamentally flawed in connecting with those who desire to take its products home. True enough. But on another level the storeʼs reason for being is as a realm of carefully manufactured objects of desire that have not (or perhaps cannot) find either their place or time in the world. The first appearance of this toy store installation was in Waterville, Maine in January of 2010. Four months later and without notice NuPenny closed in Waterville and moved to another town.

The beautifully retro-looking toys, looking like they're straight out the 50s, are actually for sale.

The above image is courtesy of Randy Regier.



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