What Would Our Lives Look Like if We Owned Nothing?


Sun, Jun 26th, 2011 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In his project The Threehouse, Parisian Photographer Robert Holden looks into answering this simple question: what would our lives look like if we possed nothing?

From the article on yatzer:

In times where density, chaos and monetization dictate our daily lives, we need a voice that is hoping and showing us the opposite. We all feel the need for that escape, that alcove or oasis where we can be one with ourselves, one with nature. The Treehouse, an urban intervention by Parisian based photographer Robert Holden conveys just that. It is not necessarily a window into someone's life or perhaps a specific location that makes us reserve an immediate ticket through Kayak, it is simply a subjective documentary approach.

The above photo is copyright Robert Holden.



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