Paco Pomet's Surreal Paintings


Thu, Jun 9th, 2011 22:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you're into abstract art, you need to check out Paco Pomet, who successfully embeds a rich nostalgic past in each painting while mixing in some truly wonderful weirdness. As the hifructose website explains:

Akin to the literary style of 'magical realism' in which surreal or magical elements manifest as normal occurrences within familiar settings, artistPaco Pomet's intriguing work explores these unexpected notions in his richly rendered paintings. Imbued with the nostalgia of a time past, the work often appears in a monochromatic color palette, a choice that echoes the sepia toned photography of the early 1900's. This choice enhances the realistic yet haunting landscapes in which the artist tinkers with the 'real' world by creating odd characters with abnormal deformities, unlikely pairings of anthropomorphic creatures and humans, and shrunken figures living in relative harmony with their 'normal' counterparts. While the surreal elements add a sense of narrative, the paint application shows off an interesting optical texture creating work that is both visually and thematically stunning.



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