Mike Bouchet's Shopping Cart Lounger


Thu, May 19th, 2011 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

I love it when unusual objects are given everyday use, so when I saw this interesting lounger created by Frankfurt-based Mike Bouchet made entirely out of a commandeered shopping cart, I was thrilled.

As awesome website designboom explains:

american-born frankfurt-based artist mike bouchet takes the common shopping cart and reapproriates it, transforming it into an object of leisure and design. bouchet alters the frames of zinc plated steel carts, cutting off the sides of the buggies and modifying their front and back panels by bending them backwards or forwards to achieve certain angles to create lawn chairs / sun loungers. the carts' childseats are remounted to serve as headrests, allowing one to readjust it to a comfortable height. there is a slight spring to the design, reinforced at major stress points in order to retain structural integrity over time and use.
the result is a set of five seating objects, each outfitted with an outdoor, weatherproof, polyester foam cushion exhibiting different patterns.



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