Lee Price's Photo-Realistic Paintings of Eating Junk Food Nude in a Bathub


Fri, Apr 29th, 2011 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Artist Lee Price asks a very important question: when was the last time you ate an entire cheesecake on your bed or a couple of juicy Big Macs in the bath? She answers this question by creating incredibly detailed photorealistic paintings of herself eating copious amounts of junk food in the nude. How detailed? You'll swear you can smell the fries right out of her paintings.

As Lee explains in this interview with Don't Panic Online:

[Lee Price] peels the skin off a part of women's links to food that straddles a line between being intimate and a little gross. [Don't Panic Online] spoke to Lee about what drives her to create, the delicious magnetic pull of compulsive behaviour and the sensuality of nudity and food.

Just to add more coolness to Lee Price, she granted permission to use the above image in this post.



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