This Valentine, Gorge on a Hideous (But Deliciously Edible) Human Heart (via @miss_cakehead)


Mon, Feb 14th, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

Emmylou Cakehead, Creative 'Dictator' and Editor of the Cakehead Loves Evil blog (ad-free, no less!) is cooking something special this Valentine's Day:

In typical subversive style, London's top scare attraction, The London Dungeon, is doling out cupcakes with a difference this Valentine's Day. Forget sugar candied heart shapes and pretty flowers, and think oozing, gruesome human hearts. The attraction is teaming up with the notorious Miss Cakehead, famed for the incomparable 'Eat Your Heart Out' cake shop, and inviting those who prefer their romance with a bit more bite to eat their hearts out. Couples visiting the dungeons on February 14th will be given a heart ventricle cupcake to eat amongst the horror of the attraction's Blood & Guts exhibition; a recreation of a filthy makeshift operating theatre where a blundering butcher surgeon performs horrific blood soaked surgery in graphic detail (on even the most unwilling of patients)! So the big question is do you have the stomach to literally eat your loved one's heart out?

Sure wish we were in England for this: those hearts sure look delicious.



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