Meat Eating Furniture


Sun, Feb 13th, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

The robotic furniture of the future will not only be beautiful, but so green, it will power itself. How? By eating live things.

In this NPR article, Robert Krulwich looks at all the furniture that we could expect -- from a fly-eating clock to a lamp powered by incoming flies to one that, gulp!, eats mice -- and they will take care of powering themselves by converting the animals they capture into electricity.

Power efficient as well: 8 dead flies make the carnivorous clock work for 12straight days. And to think, those evil Matrix robots used humans as batteries. As Mr. Krulwich concludes, while quoting:

With the exponential growth of robotic technology and AI it seems tempting fate to give robots a taste of organic matter as an energy source. This is something not even postulated by the Terminator movies, that the robots would eat us for energy. If you're going to make eating robots at least make them vegetarian only.



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