#TekSavvy Passes Lower Internet Transit Costs to Customers #UBB #CRTC


Fri, Feb 11th, 2011 14:49 by capnasty NEWS

Did Bell Canada's Mirko Bibic just say "fundamental fairness" with a straight face?

Canadian independent Internet service provider TekSavvy has announced that due to lower Internet transit costs with their bandwidth providers, they're passing some of those savings back to their customers: capped customers now will go from 200 to 300 GB a month.

Meanwhile, with the controversial Usage Based Billing having been suspended indefinitely, unlimited Internet packages are once again available. When was the last time the Big Canadian TelCos did anything like that for their customers? I know: never.

Dear TekSavvy Customer,

Because of your support and participation in reaching out to the various MPs and the Minister of Industry we're pleased to announce that the March 1st UBB implementation date has been suspended indefinitely.

With over 460,000 signatures having been sent to Parliament Minister Clement and the Industry committee requested the CRTC review its recent decision in full, which it has obliged and are now doing. Until this review has occurred UBB over DSL has been completely shelved. Minister Clement also added they would overturn the review should it resemble in any way to the previous outcome!

So, congratulations to all who've spoken up about this issue, you've made a huge difference. As a Canadian, today, I can honestly say it's refreshing to know politicians do listen and will affect change when the public at large shows concern!

Effective March 1st we are going to move forward and make changes to the Usage, but we're going to make it a positive one!

We are reinstating the Unlimited package but the 200GB package will be changed... to 300GB! UBB is about Internet Costs, and as a result of lower costs with our providers (Peer1, Lime Light, etc...), costs outside our relationship with companies like Bell, we are extending the savings on to you, the clients... Enjoy!



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