Getting New Breasts from a Discount Hospital in Thailand


Mon, Feb 7th, 2011 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

When she realized that she was not a late bloomer and that she was simply not going to grow breasts like other women out there, Kate Clark -- a freelance writer who chronicles her life as she travels around the world in her blog Wayward Betty -- decided it was time to go to a discount Thai hospital and get the biggest tits money could buy. In the process, Kate had to endure every opinionated feminist, men and big-breasted women who felt obligated to tell her what she should and should not do with her own body.

For me, it has always been very simple. To put it bluntly: I wanted boobs. Big ones. The kind that fell out of my shirt and made people look twice. The kind that I could take shopping and go swimming with. Boobs that screamed, "Hey you! Look at me, even though all I'm gonna do is sit here. And maybe bounce around a little. Either way, it's FUN FUN FUN, til her Daddy takes the T-Bird away!" I thought of them as long-lost friends. The term "bosom buddies" didn't come out of nowhere. It just so happened that we had not met yet. We were like estranged family members waiting to get reunited on Montel Williams.



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