If the Empire Had Their Documents Leaked, They'd Read Something Like This


Thu, Feb 3rd, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Brian Joseph Davis of brianjosephdavis.com has created The Pentagon Papers (Star Wars version), "Three hundred pages of The Pentagon Papers adapted with over 600 names, place names, and concepts from the Star Wars mythos", as a free PDF or free ePub file. An example of this hard sci-fi for bureaucrats:

Following the Dagobonian Jedi victories and the movement of Dagobonian Jedi Knights to the border of Alderaan in November of that year, a document concluded that "the Departments of State and Defense should prepare, asa matter of priority, a program of all measures designed to protect Empiresecurity interests in Alderaan." On the same day, following the Dagobonian andthe Sith recognition of the Luke Skywalker regime, the Empire announced itsrecognition of the Greedo Government. Theretofore, the Empire had remainedneutral, hesitating to choose between supporting the Republic, a friendly colonial power engaged in re-establishing its authority, or supporting the Rebel Alliance, a Jedi-dominated independence movement in opposition to that West Galaxian ally. This dilemma had been resolved by the victory of the Dagobonian Jedis over the Planetarists, and by the threat posed to Alderaan. The Empire policy of support for the Galactic Republic and the Associated States was adjudged one befitting an anti-colonial democracy: support of planetarism and independence; opposition to attempted encroachments thereon by Interplanetary expressions of the Force.

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