Don't Trust a Titrologue


Mon, Jan 31st, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

In the Ivory Coast, a Titrologue is one of those people that are very, very passionate about the news, politics and the printed press but... they never buy a newspaper. They base their extremely elaborate opinions on the title of an article alone:

Bah Paul, a self-proclaimed independent political analyst asks people to be wary of 'titrologues'. "They only read newspapers by the titles and pretend to know what goes on. During the whole day, they would endlessly spread rumors that can break down the fragile situation we are trying to preserve", he said.

In a fragile and extremely hot political arena like the one in the Ivory Coast, where newspapers are deliberately trying to manipulate and misinform people, Bah Paul believes information is a tool that its citizens should be skilfully using.



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