Vacationing in Afghanistan


Tue, Dec 14th, 2010 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

I mentioned yesterday about a travel agency offering packaged vacations in places like Iraq or Afghanistan. Insane as it sounds -- I'm not exactly keen in relaxing in a place where Kalashkinov armed crazies who wouldn't lose a night's sleep in filling me full of holes are the de-facto standard for "safety and security" -- I'd be a liar for not saying the idea completely fascinates me. Besides, how much worse than my office could Afghanistan be?

Since I can't go, nor I have the $3,700 USD needed for the trip, you can read about the experience directly from Outside Online's Damon Tabor:

"Hann sells his Afghanistan tours as a chance to see the country's rugged outback while sleeping on dirty teahouse floors and tackling the country's roads in minibuses that buck like mechanical bulls. It's also an opportunity to gamble your life on his instincts and experience in order to be a tourist in a place that barely has any. There are no backpackers or bus-tour day-trippers in Afghanistan, and proximity to danger is the real essence of a Hann trip. His tour is a chance to court your own demise -- a short walk on the Hindu Kush's dark side. If you were lucky, you would feel more alive at the end. If you weren't? It was best not to think about that."

Yeah, I still wanna go.



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