Censoring @WikiLeaks Over #CableGate: First EveryDNS, Then Amazon, PayPal and Now Twitter


Mon, Dec 6th, 2010 13:00 by capnasty NEWS

Censorship & WikiLeaks

The world is relentlessly trying to shut-up WikiLeaks' Julian Assange. First, after pressure from US Officials, Amazon kicked the WikiLeaks.org site off their servers while the company hosting its DNS servers terminated their services.

Then it was the turn of PayPal, which froze the account and indicated it would no longer support money transfers to the whistleblower's site. To make things worse for Assange, the Swiss postal system has pulled the plug on WikiLeaks' bank account. Combined, WikiLeaks and Julian have lost 100Keur in assets this week.

Meanwhile, according to the author of the safety first blog, Bubbloy, Twitter is censoring the discussion of #Wikileaks. Bubbloy notes that "While Twitter is not explicitly removing posts about Wikileaks, it is actively preventing people from realizing the true scope of Wikileaks discussion, unless they're already involved with it or seeking it out. This is no small detail. It effectively prevents Twitter from acting as a meaningful social utility".

These acts of censorship may not be enough to shut the site down, though. Even with the Wikileaks' servers currently undergoing a Denial of Service attack, the whistleblower's Twitter account announced that it now has 507 mirrors online.



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