The New MacBook Air Is Good Enough to be Your Main Computer


Tue, Oct 26th, 2010 13:54 by capnasty NEWS

MG Siegler, who isn't shy in posting some thought-provoking opinions on Apple, has another interesting opinion piece. His argument: the portability and the speed at which his new Mac Book Air perform have made it his go-to machine, ditching everything else over it.

From the way Siegler describes the machine -- which is not without its faults -- it sounds like Apple has found a way to tap into the ultra-portable netbook market while delivering a good-looking device capable of desktop-like tasks.

I'm jealous. But if you're not keen on paying the Apple Tax, you might just need to wait. With this release, Apple has upped the bar as to what consumers will now expect out of portables. It probably won't be long before the competition will start churning out their own (more reasonably priced) products powered by flash drives, no optical drives and lengthy battery lives.



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