Don't Fuck With a Man's Nintendo DS


Tue, Aug 3rd, 2010 11:57 by capnasty NEWS

Two masked robbers that targeted an internet gaming centre in Kaneohe Wednesday night never expected their victims to fight back. But they did and it was all caught on video. Check out the video here. Article here.

Customers hand over whatever change they have while a suspect punches video monitors at the counter but the cameras are still rolling. That's when the suspect in black approaches Dylan Hays.

"They tried to take his DS, his Nintendo DS and he wasn't having that -- so he came back swinging," said Wolery.

"Then he hit me and I kind of just got angry and I bull-rushed him out there door," said Hays.

"I pulled him down the ground over here, the table got moved and I had him down on the ground he was still hitting me," said Wolery. "Dylan pulls off the guys mask -- he runs out the door -- his friends are outside waiting. Let's get out of here, let's get out of here and we were holding one guy in and still fighting him and the other guys come into the store --pull him out and take off."



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