Turkish Star Trek


Sun, Dec 20th, 2009 11:22 by capnasty NEWS

I don't know what to tell you other than just how amusingly painful this Turkish rendition of Star Trek is. It does look familiar yet everything is just slightly wrong, starting with Mr. Spak... I mean, Mr. Spock. Read the hilarious review or watch the video.

Turkey is one of several countries including Mexico and, to a lesser extent, India that has a great love for American cinema but lacks the funding for their movies to compete in terms of quality. I have heard of Turkish versions of Spider Man and Super Man, but this film is a uniquely Turkish version of the original "Star Trek". What makes it especially bizarre is that this movie is one installment of a series of movies that have nothing to do with Star Trek. They are about a filthy doofus in a smashed hat named "Turist Omer" who ends up in wacky situations. In the case of this film he ends up in a really bad version of Star Trek where Captain Kirk looks like he's made out of candle wax and Leonard Nimoy's character has become "Mister Spak". Just by virtue of the fact that it's Turkish you can expect abysmally bad special effects and cinematography as well as a nigh-incoherent plot.



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