Actor Saves His Life by Playing Dead


Sun, Nov 30th, 2008 19:23 by capnasty NEWS

Using his acting knowledge, Montreal actor Michael Rudder, saved his life during the recent terror attack in Mumbai. By playing dead, much like a World War II movie, Mr. Rudder avoided further attention from the gunmen. Despite having taken four bullets, he later escaped the Oberoi Hotel and took a taxi to the nearest hospital.

"I found myself in a Bruce Willis Die Hard moment," he said, "where my arm ? had a lovely white shirt on ? and it just exploded into red. And, while I was taking that in, I got a bullet in my leg. So I quickly got myself on the floor to get a bullet in the butt as I was going down ? and then another bullet, still another bullet grazed my head. So I just laid there in utter shock."

But Rudder had learned something from the movies.

"My intention, once the bullets started flying, was to pretend, as I've learned from so many Second World War movies, that I was dead."



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