Complete Alphabet of Shopfront Shutter Graffiti Letters by Eine


Wed, Feb 8th, 2006 20:08 by capnasty NEWS

Collected in three trips over two nights in London. The graffiti was done by an artist called Eine.

Letters. Painted on shop shutters in the east end of London. Apparently they're by a graffiti artist called Eine. I found 10 in one night and then wondered whether all 26 were available. Comments on the pictures helped me to locate more. I found another 16 the next day, but 3 of them repeated letters I'd already found... so I was still 3 short of a full alphabet.

Within 30 minutes of posting those photos with a mention of the missing 3, people had left comments which helped me to track them down.

So now here they are; a complete set plus 3 spares and 2 pairs.



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