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Mon, Jan 20th, 1997 01:00 by capnasty ARTICLE

A. MMF Spams

Date sent: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 13:22:52 +0000
To: Leo N.
From: Gard Eggesboe Abrahamsen
Subject: MMF spams

> fact 4) It is legal since you are paying for a service....And exactly what service are you paying for, again? Someone posts this MMF spam. You send them money. And they do -- what? Post it again on

Actually, I was thinking of starting to write to these spammers, asking for my money back for services not rendered. I may claim that I asked to be put on their mailing list. Since they have not done so (would they keep all the requests, you think? Naaaah!) by now, I do no long want to be on their stupid mailing list, and want my $1 back (which I never sent in the first place). If enough people did this, the Get Rich Fast schemes would soon become Get Poor Fast schemes. Sounds just fair to me.

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B. Don Fitch writes to Don Leo

Date sent: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 03:45:54 -0500
From: FitchDonS
To: lansdowne
Subject: Re: _Capital... #28

Hi, capnasty:

I've just encountered, for the first time, and downloaded, an issue of _Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine_ (# 28 (I generally condense Roman numerals, for computer-related convenience)) and find it particularly delightful.

Casual & informal without being sloppy, amiable without being smarmy, sometimes-serious without being self-conscious or pretentious, personal without being overly-egocentric, concise without being cryptic, stimulating (& even sometimes controversial) without being obnoxious.

About the best balance I've seen in a 'Zine (electronic or on-paper) in months; I'm hoping to turn up some back issues, and to obtain future ones of Vol. 2.

Thanks for Posting it to alt.ezines, and Best Wishes for the New Year.

Don Fitch([email protected])

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C. CompuNotes writes back.

Published by: Patrick Grote ([email protected])
I thought they dealt with computers in a hacker's way.Instead they are nothing more then a poorly done computer magazine.They take software and review it, and examine sites on the WWW.I lost all respect for them when I read their review on "Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathlon", which they described it as a wonderful tactical challenge. For those that don't know what thisis all about, let me warn you. It is supposed to be a game, andin the end it can't even stand as a tutorial on Jenner's hair.Watch out in future issues for my review on Bruce Jenner's game.
subs: Write to the editor and ask for a subscription.-----

concerning CompuNotes are based on one whole review. That's it. Get with it. A magazine is more than just one review. We've consistently hit one more than one cylinder since we've been up, but you nail us for a slip.

As for subscribing it is:

COMPUNOTES-L on [email protected] CompuNotes-L

[because of length, the rest of CompuNotes propagandist material that was attached to the message was cut. -Editor]



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