“How far fake watches have come.”

It is getting harder and harder to distinguish fakes


Mon, Jun 10th, 2019 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

Gizmodo brings to attention this video by Watchfinder & Co. in which they compare a real Rolex next to a fake one and showcase just how good fakes have become.

By itself, the fake Rolex Daytona does almost everything right, to the point of using the same steel as the real thing for its case and bracelet, actual ceramic in the bezel surrounding the watch face, and a near-perfect replica of the Rolex’s mechanical movement inside. Where it falls apart is when you really start to study the fit and finish of the fake. Rolex still relies on skilled craftspersons for many parts of its manufacturing process, resulting in highly polished finishes and smooth detailing, which the mass-produced fake is lacking. The details are subtle, but even the lettering on the watch face looks a little sloppy and uneven compared to the real deal.



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