“Many [Silicon Valley] parents now have serious concerns about tech's impact on kids' psychological and social development.”

Silicon Valley parents don't give their children any screen time


Sun, May 26th, 2019 09:50 by capnasty NEWS

Noting that tech companies are using the same tactics seen by tobacco companies to get kids hooked on their products, Business Insider notes on a growing trend from tech workers who are banning screen time from their children as they see first hand the side-effects technology has on them. Of note, Steve Jobs did not let his kids use iPads.

"The tech companies do know that the sooner you get kids, adolescents, or teenagers used to your platform, the easier it is to become a lifelong habit," Koduri told Business Insider. It's no coincidence, he said, that Google has made a push into schools with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and the learning management suite Google Classroom.



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