“Climate change is going to fuck us over.”

Depressing academic paper explains how fucked we are


Thu, Mar 7th, 2019 13:41 by capnasty NEWS

Vice brings to attention Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy, an academic paper by Professor Jem Bendell at the University of Cumbria, who found that climate change is going to bring "starvation, destruction, migration, disease, and war." The concept of "cilivisation" is also going to get flushed down the drain. Yup, we're fucked.

"Deep Adaptation" is quite unlike any other academic paper. There's the language ("we are about to play Russian Roulette with the entire human race with already two bullets loaded"). There's the flashes of dark humor ("I was only partly joking earlier when I questioned why I was even writing this paper"). But most of all, there's the stark conclusions that it draws about the future. Chiefly, that it's too late to stop climate change from devastating our world—and that "climate-induced societal collapse is now inevitable in the near term."

How near? About a decade.



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