“A chain of endlessly recommended YouTube videos made by strangers motivated by advertising dollars.”

The Real “Momo Challenge”


Wed, Mar 6th, 2019 09:30 by capnasty NEWS

The real Momo challenge isn't one of an Internet-demon encouraging children to engage in self-harm, but the challenge parents face in the era of completely commercialised videos on YouTube. Above, a screenshot from j_s_rock Instragram feed.

This much is true: The Momo Challenge is a moral panic spreading through new and powerful channels. It’s also true that she is able to entrance people almost instantly by appearing, jarringly, in the middle of their media (as above, sorry), and that such appearances result in disembodied voices commanding victims up a ladder of misery. And while Momo really is coming for someone in more or less the manners described, it’s not the children. It’s their parents.



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