“We’ve received requests to add some artificial noise to the buses so that people can hear them.”

Shenzhen has 16,000 electric busses, taxis are next


Thu, Dec 13th, 2018 08:03 by capnasty NEWS

According to The Guardian, the Chinese city of Shenzhen has systematically replaced all its diesel busses with electric ones reducing not just noise but pollution. Taxi cabs are next.

“Typically, more than half of the cost of the bus is subsidised by government,” says Ma. “In terms of operation there is another subsidy: if we run our buses for a distance of more than 60,000km we receive just under 500,000 yuan [£58,000] from local government.” This subsidy is put towards reducing the cost of the bus fares: “The government looks at the public transport very much as social welfare.”

To keep Shenzhen’s electric vehicle fleet running, the city has built around 40,000 charging piles. Shenzhen Bus Company has 180 depots with their own charging facilities installed. One of its major depots in Futian can accommodate around 20 buses at the same time. “Most of the buses we charge overnight for two hours and then they can run their entire service, as the range of the bus is 200km per charge,” says Ma.



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