“Initial riders may be more comfortable getting into a car with a human in the driver seat.”

Self-driving taxis are now a thing—almost


Wed, Dec 5th, 2018 09:47 by capnasty NEWS

Google seems to have beat everyone else to the punch. As of December 5th their autonomous vehicles rolled out and started picking up passengers for a fee. Well, only those part of the Early Riders club. And only in four suburbs of Phoenix. But still, I am sure in no time they will be everywhere. More info here, here, and also here.

Waymo declined to comment on how quickly it plans to open up its service to the rest of us. “We want to understand each step,” Chu said. “How are people responding? How are people feeling? Then, as people are comfortable with that, it means we can broaden out.”

The cars aren’t fully driverless yet: they will include “trained drivers” behind the steering wheel until Waymo decides to pull them out. Chu says it will test a variety of “configurations;” the company says it will eventually offer driverless rides, but it declined to give an exact date.



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