“Google and Facebook figured out how to commodify 'reality' itself by tracking what people do.”

Targeted advertising is hurting everyone


Sun, Nov 18th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Facebook and Google (and their weird creepy patents) stay afloat through targeted advertising, an advertising model financially beneficial at the expense of everyone else. You should also read this.

Social media companies are advertising companies. This has never been a secret, of course. Google pioneered the targeted advertising business model in the late 90s, and Sheryl Sandberg brought the practice to Facebook in 2008 when she joined the company as chief operating officer. The cash was flowing in, and companies around Silicon Valley and beyond adopted the same basic strategy: first, grow the user base as quickly as possible without worrying about revenue; second, collect as much data as possible about the users; third, monetize that information by performing big data analytics in order to show users advertising that is narrowly tailored to their demographics and revealed interests; fourth, profit.



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