“Norway was recognized in 2016 as having the highest percentage of electric cars car ownership in the world.”

What taxes and financial incentives from the Government can do


Mon, Oct 29th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Inverse explains just how popular Tesla's are in Norway, a coutry dubbed the world's capital of the electric cars: 5.1% of all passenger vehicles in Norway are now electric. This has been made possible by financial incentives put into place by their government. We should have the Scandinavians run the world.

CEO Elon Musk directly attributes its high safety to the fact that it’s an electric car: Because the batteries are held under the car, the front has a larger crumple zone and the vehicle’s mass is concentrated in the center to improve handling.

No one seems to have taken these advantages to heart as much as Norwegians, who remain the heart of the electric revolution. Government-owned broadcaster NRK revealed this month that over 30,000 people have placed deposits worth over 400 million krone ($49 million) to reserve their own electric car. The number of electric cars on Norway’s roads has increased 42.5 percent over the past two years alone, enough so that they now constitute 5.1 percent of all passenger cars. Though it has a small population of just over five million, Norway was recognized in 2016 as having the highest percentage of of electric cars car ownership in the world: 24 percent, compared to second-placed Sweden with less than three percent.



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