“Companies like Google seem to have a dangerous disconnect from those of us in the world outside their confines.”

The citizens of San Francisco have had enough of the tech giants abusive behaviour


Mon, Oct 22nd, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Engadget has a fascinating opinion piece talking about the abusive, careless, and sometimes completely dangerous behaviour engaged by the tech giants all at the expense of the little people. People are getting pissed off. And with yet another Sidewalk Labs board member resigning over privacy concerns, is Toronto going to face the same nonsense?

But even by 2013, San Francisco's streets were clogged with Ubers and Lyfts, as well as Google's mapping cars and Uber's self-driving car experiments, which they refused to get permits for until forced. Add to that fleets of private luxury techie commuter buses from Apple, Facebook, and especially Google, which all turned quiet neighborhoods into freeways, blocked regular buses, and used city infrastructure without compensating the city. This was the year San Franciscans took to the streets to protest the "Google buses" and physically block them, ranging from the use of colorful costumes to smashed windows and slashed tires.



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