“I fear Google is well on the way to becoming a different kind of company.”

When it comes to users' privacy, Google is starting to resemble Facebook


Wed, Oct 3rd, 2018 09:27 by capnasty NEWS

On Slate, Matthew Green looks at Google's gradual change from a trusted company to one that's exploiting this trust for short term financial gain, especially with their more intrusive practices now in place. Apple seems to agree.

But the recent Chrome changes indicate that Google is not immune to the same pressures that apply to other companies. And while the Chrome update may be only a small sign of that pressure, it’s hardly the most troubling one. For example, Google recently inked a secret deal with Mastercard to link your credit card transaction information to your web browsing. We can only guess at what it hopes to do with this data. And of course, this summer, the Intercept leaked an internal memo showing that Google is even considering a move back into China, building a custom search engine code-named “Dragonfly” that will systematically track Chinese users, while providing censored search results that remove results for terms like “human rights.” Google has for its part claimed that the project was only “exploratory,” though this explanation is disputed. It’s hard to see Google retaining a strong reputation for privacy if it deploys systems like this to a large fraction of the world.



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